Artist Statement

Utilizing a loose reference to the window motif and its metaphoric qualities, my abstract paintings become a venue for shared meaning and promote empathy.   Harnessing the power of process-driven intuition, I sidestep the revolutionary and confrontational mission that preoccupied the postwar neo-avant-garde and some of its current offshoots to focus on producing work that connects and reactivates the viewer’s memories and experiences through intimately sustained engagement.

Whether it is sculptures assembled behind panels, palimpsest layers emerging in a painting, or recognizing untraditional materials within an image, my work acts as a prompt.  The high contrast color combinations chiseled by organic shape and plowing line, or water stained pictures which are transformed when transferred and layered with familiar objects and their inherent histories, reveal nuances that reflect a wellspring of meaning in the work.



Stacey Silkey is a Berkshire native who recently received a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts degree from Lesley University College of Art and Design.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Gordon College coupled with classes at neighboring Monserrat College of Art.  Her work has most recently been exhibited in Cairo, Egypt along with numerous locations across the United States.  Stacey is the recipient of the Berkshire Art Association 2016 Fellowship Award.  Her work is privately collected, both nationally and internationally.

Curriculum Vitae